In the early 1970s, Marsha Fabbro and Shirley Vincent were two young Canadian ladies from Sudbury Ontario driving the stringy mountain roads of Mexico. They toured around meeting artists in small villages looking for unique accent pieces for customers back home. It all began simply enough in a renovated garage on Lorne St. 
Growing up in a business-oriented family, Fabbro, the daughter of former mayor Joe Fabbro, established a Mexican-style market similar to what she was seeing on holiday. People kept expressing admiration for the items she brought back and it dawned on her that this would be an excellent business venture. Shortly after she began she met Vincent on vacation in Spain.

Vincent was the admissions director at Laurentian University and had an eye for numbers. A great compliment to Fabbro skills. They became business partners and began selling merchandise out of the back of a van.

In those days women had a difficult time getting bank loans. Serendipity struck when they met a banker that was also a visionary and was willing to help women in business.

I n the mid-80’s El Mercado moved to the City Centre. Eventually, it found it’s current home on Durham St. A After more than 45 years in business, Marsha Fabbro and Shirley Vincent have refined their ability to understand their clientele and how to provide them with unique merchandise.

88 Durham St, 
Sudbury, ON 
P3E 3M6

Phone:  (705) 675-3092